In Turbo: Sahel Al Hiyari & Laith Demashqieh.

An exhibition of works in process by two collaborators.

Sahel Al Hiyari invited viewers to experience the first prototype of a series of furniture pieces, and the potential of looking at them as creative forms rather than finished objects.

When Laith creates his forms, he has in mind also the types of compounding processes that produce a body. Stresses, previous violences, tenderness, confusion, survival all work themselves into the cells of an organism. So too do they work themselves in to the pools and glosses of the paint that then gets so carefully pulled away from their original surface and displayed as poetic testaments to the phenomenon of life, the recollection of sensation, and the remnants of pain and delight.

The exhibition presented these works not only as a snapshot of the creative process, but also as a celebration of the free development of our imagination and the joy of making.